May 16, 2011

A preview of things to come..

Apologies for the radio silence but we have been heads down on hitting a few milestones. The good news is we are about to roll out a big dollop of updates late this week. Some of the things in it are;

  1. Places – add Venues or locations to your pictures. includes a name, map and a category. Your followers will now know where you’ve taken your pictures.
  2. Places page – Display the places info along with all the pics taken at that location. A Places leaderboard will be added soon along with Place related badges.
  3. Topic pages are back! – see all the pics under topics such as FOOD, FUNNY, GAMES, NEWS on one page with its own leaderboards. expect Topic Badges soon!
  4. Topics are now clickable on the pic pages.
  5. @mentions – you can now insert friends into caption by typing @ and it will be clickable to their profile. Also enabled for comments and and private messages.
  6. New people pages – alphabetically ordered list of friends, followed and followers. leaderboards now in the sidebar
  7. New header – easily be notified by update counters (ala Facebook) on each of your feeds (LifeThings, Interests, and activites).
  8. Pic source box – is now only seen on the dashboard and its subpages
  9. Stats – a simple dropdown containing your various statistics (views, likes, followers, faves and badges)
  10. @mentions will now be seen in the activity feed
  11. badges earned will be now seen in the activity feed.
  12. a bunch of tiny fixes and improvements.

Also, we will be letting everyone on the waiting list (almost 800 of them!) after we have updated and checked all bugfixes. We thank you for the patience!

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