Jan 2, 2011

Introducing the Project 365 badge!

Last year (which is a few days ago)  we introduced a bunch of badges that had new properties, namely time-based and personality-based. Now, its time to introduce a very big one! Ladies and gentlemen, behold the Project 365 badge.
Project 365

How to get it? Upload at least 1 pic for 365 days! We realize that this is a pretty hard to get so we will be attaching features to it like a percentage bar and even prizes! This will be done throughout the year as we improve PicLyf. We are gonna roll out dedicated Badge pages that will show more info (ala Foursquare) soon so expect badge goodness all around. Happy PicLyfing!


  • That would be very cool!

  • i think lir dela cruz was the one who started this. Saw his picture yesterday, he deserves to be recognize for starting this “project title” yesterday.

  • Yahoo! It will make my Project 365 double the fun!!

  • Hi project 365 is quite a common thing in the photography community as I’m sure lir knows ;) this was also planned approximately 11 months ago.

  • This would not be easy. Uploading 365 photos in a day is more attainable Ü

  • Naku, this will not be easy but will be fun! Hihihi!

  • that was really hard…

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