Feb 2, 2011

The iPhone4 New Year Raffle is On!

We are excited to announce the final and last leg of the New Year Raffle quest. Instead of a boring traditional raffle, we created this little game to make things more interesting. Nearly 300 lyfers (let’s use this as a shorthand for PicLyf members) got tickets to be eligible for following prizes: 7 PicLyf shirts, 1 iPod Touch 4, and a shiny iPhone4 during the Oct-Dec 2010 period. Now these lucky people will duke it out in a pseudo-raffle-quest-slot-machine game thingy. Anyway, its at http://piclyf.com/site/raffle

Rules: 1 registered member, 1 pull of the lever per day. The lever awards points randomly to 1 of the rafflers (the 300 people eligible for the prizes). Now if you are one of the rafflers, you got 1 to 3 tickets. Those tickets now serve as modifiers to the randomimity (i made this up) so rafflers can increase their chances to get points by putting themselves into the the spinning slots. When they are in a slot, they have a 50% chance of getting a point. The number of tickets equals the number of slots they can influence. So if you are a raffler with 3 tickets, you can influence 3 slots so that you have 50% of getting a point in each one.

So what this comes into is the more active a raffler is on PicLyf (come back everyday) and the more friends he has on PicLyf, the more he can influence the randomimity (i love this word). But as you can see, its not a sure thing and that makes the game very interesting (you might award the point to other rafflers).

Now, for people trying to cheat the game. We have measures to detect spam accounts and we drain their accounts to ZERO points on the 1st offense, and ban them from the raffle on the 2nd offense. So please play nice.

Around February 11, 2011 the top 10 rafflers will get their prizes according to their rank. That’s it! Have FUN!

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